Witcher 3 Following the Thread Walkthough

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Published by CD Projekt, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a next-gen open-world role-playing game with stunning graphics and multiple choices where any choices that player made will impact to different consequences.

In this game, players will join the journey of Geralt (a professional monster hunter who is also known as a Witcher) in order to find the child of prophecy, traveling through merchant cities, deadly mountains and caves, the island of Viking pirates, etc.

Today, our Witcher 3 following the thread walkthrough will provide to you all details, hints that will help you to complete this quest with 100%. Let’s take a look to find out!

Quest introduction:

In this Witcher 3 Following the Thread quest, Geralt will join Lambert and his quest to get revenge for Aiden (Lambert’s witcher friend), who was murdered by a gang of contracted thugs,and the man behind this is Jad Karadin. This quest will be your 2nd quest in The Witcher 3.

You will find this quest from the Noticeboards from Novigrad, accept it and travel to Skellige to finish this Following the Thread quest. Do remember to complete this quest before entering the Act Two, if somehow you’ve forgotten to complete this quest before Act Two, then key characters will not be Available by that time.

Quest’s Objectives:

Here are some key quests in Witcher 3 Following the Thread:

  • Have a conversation with the supervisor.
  • Activate your Witcher senses to investigate the crime scene.
  • Find the water place where the monster comes from by using your Witcher Senses.
  • Locate the monster that is hiding in the area with your Witcher senses.
  • Use your Witcher senses to follow Ekimmara’s tracks in order to find its cave.
  • Find and kill Ekimmara (this will give you 50XP points).

  • Find Lambert and talk to him, then defeat the guardsmen.
  • After that, go back and meet up with Lambert at the Seven Cats Inn to receive 80XP points.
  • Travel to Faroe in order to find Hammond, while doing so, you will meet Crach. Ask him if he knows Hammond’s whereabouts.

  • Locate Hammond and kill him, you will earn XP points for this. Don’t forget to search for his body after that, you will be surprised.
  • Return to Hierarch Square to meet up with Lambert and head to Karadin’s place (receive 90XP).
  • Make a decision whether to kill Jad Karadin or spare his life.

Quest’s different endings:

If Geralt takes Jad’s life:

By the end of this quest, Geralt and Lambert found out that Jad Karadinhas now become a retired assassin and he’s enjoying his luxury life at Novigrad town. Both of them were invited to Karadin’s house to meet his wife and his two adopted little child. After a short conversation, Jad tried to convince Geralt and Lambert not to kill him by proving them that he is a good man now, and he had no longer followed the assassin life ever since. By choosing to end his life, you will take his blood to pay back all the crimes that he committed in the past. Do you think this is one of the good endings of Witcher 3 Following the Thread?

If Geralt spares Jad’s life:

Geralt and Lambert found Jad Karadin at Novigradtown, but he is now a retired assassin. They went to meet Jad’s wife and family. Jad convinced our witchers that he had changed for a greater good and he has no longer interested in killing people. By choosing to spare Jad’s life, you will see Geralt told Lambert to forgive Jad Karadin and because of that, Lambert told Geralt that he’s just a coward andbeing rude. For some players, they do not like this ending of Witcher 3 Following the Thread.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a great game where your decisions will lead to different consequences. The game was received so many positive reviews and high scores from many famous Game review websites such as IGN, Gamespot, etc. We hope that our walkthrough for Witcher 3 Following the Thread quest will help you somehow on your journey with Geralt and his friends. More Witcher 3’s walkthrough to come soon from us, stay tuned!


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