Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (also known as Kingdom Hearts Union X), is a special member of Kingdom Hearts family. This version was developed exclusively for the iOS and Android smartphone platforms. Just like Kingdom Hearts X (the web browser version), Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a free-to-play game that gamers could download it for free, however, it does contain in-app purchases option.

The game has been released worldwide since April 07th, 2016.In our Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide today, we’re glad to provide to you our guides and tips not only for new beginners but also for fans who have been playing this game for quite sometimes. We hope that you will learn something new from this!

1. Get to know the Weapon Triangle rules:

The first thing in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide is the weapon triangle rules. In order to cause the maximum damage to your enemy, you will need to remember the basic rules of Strength and Weakness in this game:

  • The Red color is represented for Power, could defeat Speed but will be weak against Magic.
  • The Green color is represented for Speed, could defeat Magic but will be weak against Power.
  • The Blue color is represented for Magic, could defeat Power but will be weak against Speed.

Note that different missions will have more enemies with different of each type, so you will need to notice and adjust them accordingly to cause the most damage possible.

2. Attack multiple targets whenever you can:

Try to utilize Multi-Target attacks in order to finish as many Heartless minions as possible, this will save you a lot of time and effort. This tips will work with most of the time when you face Heartless minions, however, there will also be a time you will need to use the Element Triangle rules.

You will need to notice that if a Heartless minion who is weak against the element you’re currently using, there will be a flashing icon on itself, keep using that element and you will finish it soon. A great tip in this Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide, right?

3. Discover the world in Kingdom Heart:

Do spend some time to discover the world around you; it’s totally worth a try. By exploring the world in Kingdom Hearts Union X, you will find tons of interesting items that might help you a lot in your journey.

Try to look for Sparkly Glitters on your way, they might contain crafting materials which could be useful for you to Power Up the Keyblades that you’re currently own.  This third tip of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide is for gamers who like adventures.

If you are not sure which materials will be matched for a specific Keyblade, let’s check out this useful spreadsheet.

4. Make sure to pick the right Keyblade:

Keyblade is the 4th thing that I want to introduce you in this Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide. Before every Quest, there will be an icon that showing you the most common Element in that particular quest. Make sure that you notice that one carefully and pick the right Keyblade together with the correct Element, base on the Weapon Triangle rules.

We would recommend you to bring different Keyblades with different Element medals into Battle so you could swap them simultaneously.

5. Complete all Objectives in each mission:

Each mission in Kingdom Hearts Union X will have 3 objectives as max. By completing these objectives will give you valuable prizes and items. Below are few types of objectives you will need to complete:

  • Eliminate all enemies in 1 turn
  • Cause XX damages with XX hits.
  • Gather XX lux
  • Perform special attacks, etc.

We have compiled the list of items in our Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide for your references, please feel free to access and take a look!

Also note that by complete a stage in One Turn win, you will earn extra bonus of Lux and Orbs which allows you to fill up your Special Gauge to 100% for the next battle stage.

Summary/ Verdict:

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a special mobile game that was given by Square Enix to all loyal fans around the globe. This mobile game version will allow gamers to travel through the wonderful and mysterious world of Kingdom Hearts in both iOS and Android devices. We hope that with our Kingdom Hearts Unchained XGuide, your journey will be much easier and more enjoyable! Share with us your thoughts under the Comment section.


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