Short Life Unblocked

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Developed by Short Life unblocked game somehow reminds us about the famous Happy Wheels, but in a non-vehicle related version. This is the game for players who like to achieve results in an easy way, it will require them to overcome a series of obstacles using all of their best skills.

Short Life is a Flash game that could be played on most popular browsers, for example: Chrome, FireFox, Safari. However, you should be aware that this game does not list Internet Explore (IE) and Opera on its supported browser list.

Short Life, when life is too short to live:

Short Life unblocked game has 16 different levels in total.By passing each level, players willreceive a certain number of playing balls, the further progress you’ve made, the more difficulty you will face. Just try to reach to the end of each level is not enough, you will also need to collect gold stars along the way in order to complete the level with 100%.

You will control an average man who must find a way out of the dangerous condo where it was filled with traps and deadly obstacles. There are other characters waiting for you to Unlock too, but you will need to score a certain number of balls in order to unlock all of them.

In this game, every single step of you take, there will be a deadly danger. From Lethal weapons can be anywhere and can be triggered at any time, to flying knives, arrows,axes, bombs, etc. they are just a small part of a bigger unexpected threats that coming to you. Your ultimate mission is to clear all levels and stay alive from these traps or obstacles.

Short Life unblocked is listed under Parental Advisory category where parents should concern if they want to allow their kids to play due to its brutality effects and gory graphics. By just having a minor injury such as getting shot by an arrow, or may be loosing a single limp (hand, leg) while rolling down to the stairs, there will be blood. However, you still can move on and reach to the final destination.

If somehow you think that reaching to the Finish line is too easy for you, may be you could consider trying to challenge your self by keeping your character alive without getting hurt or loosing any part of the body.

How to Play?

The game has a simple control mechanism, what you all need to do is simply pressing arrow keys: Up, Down, Left, Right in order to control your character to move your character forward, backward or make him to stand Up, crawling Down (crouch).

Combine Up and Left arrow keys to jump backward, Up and Right arrow keys to jump forward. Press the P key from your keyboard whenever you want to Pause the game.Using Arrow keys is highly recommended as we’ve already tested with A, S, D, W keys the result didn’t like we expected, only A and D keys worked.

Summary/ Verdict:

Short Life unblocked is a true test for those brave hearts; it will put players into a roller coaster of emotions. Try to stay alive and reach the end of the road in one piece (or many). This game is actually pretty fun to play even though the game has gory graphics. Let’s try Short Life to find out how short your life would be in this game!





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