Total War Warhammer 2 tips for a smoother experience

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If you are a new player to the Total War series, Total War Warhammer 2 is a very hard game to grasp. There are lots of intricacies in this game and they probably can make you get stuck somewhere. This article about Total War Warhammer 2 tips will help you to enjoy this game smoother. Now, let’s be ready to come to the center of the magical vortex in Total War Warhammer 2

Total War Warhammer 2 tips

1. Total War Warhammer 2 tips for basic controls

Before jumping the new things, let’s mention some basics control to help you paint the map by your way. Surely these tips will make you surprise because they can make a massive difference in battle!

When you have got the basic camera movement down, let’s use some keys bellow to make the amazing things!

Total War Warhammer 2 tips for basic controls

Ctrl + I: This key combination will help you to select all infantry but this isn’t StarCraft. Generally, you tend to move only a few groups at a time, so, you can keep your army in the formation. In addition, in order to make life easier, you should assign units to control groups to access them quickly. This is very important, especially for spellcasters or hero units when you need them to intercept a beast of the enemy or pin down charging cavalry. Using the key combination of CTRL + 1-9 to control.

Turn guard mode: There is a button that looks like two shields at the bottom of the UI. It is the guard mode and very important in the battle. You should turn this mode on to save your army. In fact, if you don’t turn this mode on, when your enemy disengages, your troops will chase down them. This activity can break formation, make you vulnerable, and be liable to be cut open in two. You only want your faster troops to chase down enemies, so this mode will help you lose a lot less.

Spacebar: Press and hold the spacebar to see all scheduled orders for your entire army.

Alt + left click: You can move your army or a part of an army forward or back in the formation by using this key combination. This key is very handy for inching your forces forward without making everything go to pot.

Alt + right click: This key combination allows you to rotate the direction of your units that are facing and keep their current formation. In addition, Alt + right click + Ctrl will let you rotate your army as a single point.

Shift + right click: If you want your units to go on a little adventure behind enemy lines, using this key combination. It will help you to set for your armies a custom route.

CTRL+G: This control will help you to set group formations on one or more selected units. This feature allows the game to maintain their formation and spacing when a group is formed. Players will try to attack a target in relation to positions of their formation. Although micromanaging units is better, group formations at least will let you give an attack order to a series of units without needing everyone to try to clump up at once.

Customize pause/fast speed options: If you need time to set up anything, you can press P key or click on the pause button to pause the action. In addition, there are slow motion, fast, and faster speed options for you to customize.

Right-click and drag: This activity allows you to set a formation and its length for units.

2. Tips for basic combat

Tips for basic combat

  • General strategies

The general principle of all Total War games is to optimize the strengths and weaknesses. In other words, you will have to take advantage of the strength to attack the thing they’re strongest against. In addition, you also have to try to protect your units from their vulnerabilities.

In detail, you shouldn’t let your archers get charged by cavalry or dragons. Or, don’t use your swordsmen to fight against giant beasts. In fact, everything has both strengths and weaknesses. Taking more time to manage these points, you will be able to enjoy this game smoother.

In addition, in case your armies are attacked from behind or the side, most of trying is for naught. Armies that are hit from the back or side will become demoralized so fast. This makes them run to routing and flee the battlefield. So, keep an eye to defense the back and side of your army if you don’t want to be a loser.

  • Some detail strategies

Basic rock-paper-scissors formula: This is also a great strategy in Total War Warhammer 2. Although flanking is very good and throwing spells down to support will also make your enemies damage. If you still keep running the wrong units into the mortal enemies, you will lose all of your time.

Melee units using swords and axes will beat spears. Swordsmen are really great fighters. However, they are very vulnerable to cavalry charges and ranged units. For example, the archers can defeat swordsmen from a range distance easily.

Using melee units with spears to fight against cavalry is so great. In fact, melee units with spears are so strong when fighting against cavalry. They can make more damage against large units (anything bigger than human horses, flying beasts, monsters, etc.).

Ranged units are so great to fight against everything, except cavalry and flying units in melee combat. This is really a great strategy that you should follow. If there is something starting to chase your archers, let’s run. In addition, you also can use a spell such as Hex to give them more time to run or use another unit intercept.

Ranged units are also quite slow and not able to outrun cavalry. These units will route really fast in case they are caught. However, they also can do so many damages against aerial attackers and any mounted thing. Also, you need to pay attention to whether they have armor piercing missiles or not as well as their targets. Let’s pause the battle to check this.

Using Cavalry to chase all ranged units down: This is a great strategy you should use as long as you avoid spears and all the units that have anti-large bonuses. Usually, you will want to charge, defeat some units, retreat, and then once again charge. This makes your enemy can’t pin you down. However, if a unit gets charged from the break and starts to route, their bonuses do not a matter. Units will gain XP and stats many more battles they fight.

Don’t waste magic. There are various spells and they can change battles completely. So, don’t waste the magic. Let’s check to see the biggest threats of your enemies. After that, use magic at the right time to take them out of the fight.

Check out each race to see their strengths and weaknesses. This is the last but not least strategy in combat. With this activity, you can see and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each race. After that, based on them to recruit accordingly. In order to show more detail about this strategy, we will present in the next section.

  • Total War Warhammer 2 races: Strengths and weaknesses of each race

High Elves

High Elves

High Elves are a race that focuses on the defensive and has plenty of power across the board. This race typically starts its campaign in the Elven lands that located around the vortex, in a narrow terrain, and difficult to pass. With this terrain, High Elves can be easy to defend and they are a great choice for newer players to start this game. However, this race has only a single artillery unit and there are no any ground-based monsters. This makes the lower tier units will not afraid and they can route easily.



This race is cheaper infantry and they prefer to win in numbers. This means you will want units with anti-infantry bonuses instead of armored piercing attacks or rounds.



Lizardmen is a strong and difficult to break race. Their troops have a tendency to fly into a frenzy and they also own one of the best mid-tier units. Their Saurus Warriors have plenty of health and high weapon damage. The weakness of this race is that their artillery isn’t particularly great in comparison with their other factions.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves

Dark Elves can offer artillery bombardments on the battlefield if in range. The strengths of this faction are that it has a good mix of cavalry, monsters, and fighters. In addition, they also have a great mix of cavalry and flying units, ranging from weak harpies.

Above are all Total War Warhammer 2 tips and strategies that we have gathered. Hope that they will help you on your way to dominating the battlefield. If you have any other important tips, please share with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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