Run 3 – from the addictive gameplay to the runway that shock your weakness

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In the history of the game industry, there are plenty of good Running video games with promising elements like Temple Run, Subway SurferSubway Surfer, etc. Running video game contributes big parts to the growth of the gaming field, and expand the influence of the Running game genre across the globe. Being honoured to be one of the legendary Running video game, Run 3 is also the most successful instalment within its series Run. In this article, we will discover Run 3, a video game that draws attention from not only thousands of gamers but also the most difficult critics.

The promising start

Run 3 is the third instalment in the great series of Run established by Player 03 in 2008. The first game of the series, Run 1, features the endless Running adventure of an alien animal in the space dimension. The gameplay of Run 1 is kept in the later version of the game. By expanding the amazing original elements in Run 1 and Run 2, Player 03 has made history with the born of Run 3. Do you want to try? Visit

General information about Run 3

On June 5, 2014, the first publishment of Run 3 had finally been made to be available not only on the normal pc platform but also the mobile platform. The change in the platform of the game is one of the reasons why Run 3 is way more welcomed by gamers around the world than its predecessors.

Thrilling Gameplay

Taking place in a series of space tunnels, Run 3 leads the player to an adventure which contains the appearance of ten different playable characters. The game’s objective is reaching the finish of the tunnels without falling out of them through the soon-to-be empty holes.

Games Modals and the demand for Run 3 Unblocked

Besides the thrilling Gameplay of Run 3, the player also has the chance to approach a number of new mechanics that aren’t seen in the earlier versions of the game. Some of the most considerable mechanics we should mention here are ramps, crumbling tiles and darkness. Follow the demand for in-game currency from the fandom, Run 3 now has the currency to buy characters and upgrades in the game called Power Cells.

If you are a natural explorer, then you will love to find out how the two different game modes of Run 3 are like. Serving the player with the Explore and Infinite mode, Run 3 has successfully accomplished the satisfying the entire gaming community in the late 2010s. Both two game modes are amazingly addictive, and they contain numerous humiliating levels. The Explore mode is considered as the main attraction of Run 3 with a full storyline and several good-looking characters.

Talking about Run 3 Unblocked, it is not that difficult to unchain the game from the Internet protocol. You can now play Run 3 Unblocked on the various game website with the warranty of unlocking your device even when you are in the middle of a prohibited area.


With the amazing game pilot and tons of other blessing elements such as Level Design and Shop, Run 3 shall satisfy your demand of a wonder Running video game. Playing Run 3 is a smart choice to shock your weakness completely, let’s start dealing with the game’s electric shock now!

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