Neko Atsume tips for the cat collection

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Have you ever tried Neko Atsume – a mobile game, which is about Cat collection that suitable for IOS and Android? Neko Atsume becomes more and more popular around the globe which was developed by Yutaka Takasaki who lives in Japan. The purpose of this game is that the players offered toys, bed, and food in order to entice many cats as possible to visit your garden. You may enjoy this game since it belongs to an entire game. We have found some hidden secrets to provide players 13 best Neko Atsume tips for having the best experience with the game.

  1. General tips for beginners

Neko Atsume tips -General tips for beginners

If you are the beginner and you have no idea about how to attract these cats. Here are some crucial Neko Atsume tips for you to conquer the fluffy collection.

In this game, fish is considered as “money” which can be used to exchange for toys and foods to attract more cats. In order to entice those cats at a rare level, you have to offer them the best toys and foods by using goldfish instead of silverfish. And of course, those cats will only give you a return of silverfish, but you can take the advantage on it. Don’t worry, you can get those gold by using 500 of your silverfish to exchange for 10 golden fish in the shop. It might not a good exchange rate but the good thing is those silverfish are common which can be collected quickly and especially your real money don’t have to be spent on IAPs. Also, if you want quickly get golden fish, you can pay for it with your own money. However, this is an entire game which doesn’t need to be costly, isn’t it?

  1. 15% off, the opportunity for making fancy sparingly bowls of fish

15% off, the opportunity for making fancy sparingly bowls of fish

Expensive foods and sashimi are usually the keys to attract rare cats into the garden. With 15% deal, players can gain the opportunity of buying 3 plates of expensive food with 12 golden fish instead of paying 5 fish for the only one piece. Try to take the advantage of this deal because the time for it is limited. However, good investment does not always give you a good return, sometimes the cost of 30 silverfish investment can give you a better return. Effectively use fancy foods is one of the factors in Neko Atsume tips for you, which means you better use that food whenever it is necessary.

  1. Start to feed the cats at night and change the date of your phone

Start to feed the cats at night and change the date of your phone

Another factor in Neko Atsume tips could be mentioned in this game is to change the time to feed your cats at night, in order to get a better sleep without worrying about the empty garden. That can be explained that, during your sleeping time, you cannot release fresh plates of food, which means those cats will not come to your garden, result in the empty payment.

Don’t worry if you cannot play the game after setting back your clock to the correct time, just wait until the real actual time has been caught up with an internal clock of the game.

  1. Yard Expansion

Yard Expansion

Players will only receive the space for a plate of food and the choice of the space for 5 small items or a large item with three small items spacing, which means your cat collection will be limited. Therefore, the recommendation in Neko Atsume tips for you is that expand the garden for the aim of attracting more cats. It can be done by paying out 180 goldfish, which allows your garden space increase to 2 plates of food, enough space for 10 small items or 2 large and 6 small items.  As a result of expanding to a yard, the amount of cats being attracted is now double that helps players earn more silverfish.

  1. Gain fish from daily password

Gain fish from daily password

Another way to freely take silverfish which included in Neko Atsume tips is collecting a small amount of silverfish and foods by finding the password and unlocking secret bags every day. The secret password often appears on the daily news with 5 different types of it for the whole week. Therefore, try to find as much as a possible password to gain more silverfish and foods. Moreover, if you are an IOS user, it will be easy for you to enter the password by touching the icon. Regards to Android users, on the other hand, have to tape the password manually.

  1. Start to remodel your Neko Atsume’s home

Start to remodel your Neko Atsume’s home

The next secret in Neko Atsume tips is “restructure your house”, which means after collecting and equipping enough goldfish, it is the time for you to put yourself into new challenge position of this game, which is redecorated your garden in your own style. It does not only make your house looks fancier but also supports you to reach a higher level by redesign your own house. There are some choices for players in term of house style such as a ranch with Western-style, art house pad with the style of Constructivist, Zen-style and suburban looking style. Moreover, the space of each style of housing will be the same, the only thing different is the player’s style. You are recommended to consider wisely and purchase the extra garden first because you will get a discount 50 percent (from 280 goldfish in the initial price) for the first time of purchasing.

Unfortunately, instead of providing the players with a full view of those styles of houses, providers just provide the obstruction view for players to recognize the idea of each style of housing.

  1. The way to attract more cats in Neko Atsume

 The way to attract more cats in Neko Atsume

Another idea that Neko Atsume tips focus on is the way to entice as many cats as possible which is also the tip that most players are looking for. There are four kinds of cubes which include Orange cost you 320 silverfish, Navy also cost you with 320 silverfish, Tiramisu with the cost of 28 goldfish and Dice for 32 goldfish of costing. After purchasing these cubes, players have the right to have two cats stay in the same space in the yard. In addition, the only item has the ability to support six cats in the large space is Cat Metropolis which will cost you 50 goldfish. With the cost 500 or 950 silverfish, Cat Condo Complex or Bureau with Pot item can be purchased to serve maximum 5 cats for one space of large item.

You are recommended to pay 25 goldfish to purchased Lacquered Bowl for the opportunity to entice two kinds of visitors – one sleeping or sitting inside the item and the other is Kathmandu which the rare cat.

Especially, the more items you equip for your house, the more potential for Tubb which is also the rarest cat to show up and enjoy your plate of food.

  1. Neko Atsume tip for changing Neko Atsume to English

 Neko Atsume tip for changing Neko Atsume to English

Neko Atsume is the game that was developed in Japan, hence the main language for this game is mainly in Japanese. However, due to the popularity of this game, it is now easy for players to change the language by just only need to go to the setting icon which located on the bottom left of your device to switch the language and adjust the volume level as well. Hope that providing the ability to switch the language in Neko Atsume tips will helpful for you.

  1. How to put your cat on top?

 How to put your cat on top?

You want your cats to look amazing, fabulous by buying them some items? This might be the cutest tip in the whole context of Neko Atsume tips. Cardboard Café or Cardboard House items are ready to help your cats enjoy the new thing with the cost of 50 goldfish or 40 goldfish.

  1. Rebuild the way back to the future part III

 Rebuild the way back to the future part III

The series of back to the future can be explained in the Neko Atsume tips, which allows the players to remake the third film of the train sequence. At first, you have to place the Cardboard truck which will cost you 15 goldfish, then the Cardboard Choo-Choo will follow which can be allocated behind Cardboard truck and requires the players 60 goldfish and finally, 30 goldfish will be paid for Scratching Log which is located on the top of the train.

  1. Album expansion

Album expansion

The game allows players create the wonderful album for their cats. But remember, the room just has enough space for 48 pictures for each cat in total which means each page will cover the number of six cats and you will receive the album with 3 pages for free. As a result, players need to manage their pictures due to the limited spacing. However, there is the solution for who really are cat’s fan and want to have more space in the Catbook for adding more impressive pictures purpose. Neko Atsume tip gives you the solution of expanding the album by paying 10 goldfish for every extra page added in your album. This presents the total cost that you have to pay for all your cats is 2450 goldfish, which means every cat will cost you 50 goldfish.

It is sound very expensive to create the catbook, so you are recommended you to save your goldfish for purchasing the rare items and only pay for the album whenever you have done with other items. Luckily, those tricks and tips in Neko Atsume tips have offered you the way to attract more cats for gaining more silverfish to support for exchange goldfish purpose.

  1. Attracted rare cats tip

 Attracted rare cats tip

The main objective of Neko Atsume is adding more cat in the collection and especially rare cat. However, it may easy to attract the normal cat come to your house with some foods and toys, for rare cats such as Kathmandu, Mr. Meowgi, it is not that easy to catch them since they have their own standardize to be enticed. Some ways to attract Kathmandu as an example for the specific standardize of rare cats which are also provided by Neko Atsume tips.

Kathmandu is designed as the feudal lord of Japan with the habit of enjoying Japanese food and playing with Japanese toys such as Lacquered Bowl and Temari Ball which cost 25 goldfish for both items. Therefore, try to equip these items in your house to have to chance to entice Kathmandu.

  1. Associated Neko Atsume with Apple Watch

Associated Neko Atsume with Apple Watch

Finally, Neko Atsume tips context also provide you the simple way to associate with your cats. Understand the demand for keeping in touch with the cats of players; Neko Atsume’s provider has supported the game for Apple Watch device. By using this app, players can be able to view their yard, the number of cats visit and pay for their account more convenience without taking the phone out of your pocket. You can easily load the app by searching Neko Atsume at the bottom of your watch. Remember that you will not able to play the game when you are playing with your phone.




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