Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds tips for beginners

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (as known as PUBG) is a phenomenal online game in the market right now with millions of players from all over the world. This game is not a typical online shooting game that you’ve ever known. The main mission in this game is to be the last man standing against, every online match requires 100 players to battle at the same time, but only allows 01 players to stay alive in the end.

For new players, in order to stay alive on the battlefield, it requires to have a basic knowledge about combat style, many practices, and secrets tips. Our “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds tips for beginners” review today is exactly what you will need to know about this game, from basic to advance guides.

Let’s take a look to find out!

Mastering PUBG tips for beginners:

For players whom first time playing PUBG, it can be a little bit too much of knowledge for them to learn at once. By understanding that obstacle, here is a list of basic things and useful kinds of stuff that you need to know before taking a deep dive into other advantage strategies.

Basic controls and movements:

  1. You could perform sprinting with 06 percent faster than normal by putting away your weapons (pressing the X key from your PC’s keyboard).
  2. Running with your barefoot will be more quite than using other shoes on most of the surfaces in-game, but still remain the same speed and won’t cost you any stamina or health.
  3. There are two ways to refill fuel for your vehicle: when it’s not moving or when you’re inside the vehicle and clicking the canister from your inventory.
  4. Remember to utilize map markers at all times and don’t forget to point out the specific direction for your teammates. For example: coordinate numbers or directions (North, West, East, South).
  5. Voice chat in-game can be used to communicate with your teammates more efficient, but do remember to set it as “Party Only” in order to make sure the enemy team cannot hear it.
  6. You could change your rate of fire by using the B key on your keyboard (or using the Left key from your D-pad’s console). Also, there are 03 types of aiming:
  • Using Hip fire (holding Right click of your mouse).
  • Aiming-Down-Sights (as known as ADS, perform it by tapping the Right click of your mouse).
  • ADS can be performed straight away by changing the settings from toggling it On/Off to holding Right click.

Essential tips and strategies:

  1. You should not start your game in a big town that under the flight path from the beginning, smaller buildings are the better idea and higher chance to stay alive even though there are less items for you to loot in these small building rather than big towns.
  2. Try to find these items as soon as you can: a backpack, bulletproof vest, healing items, a helmet and an assault rifles. Upgrading them to a higher level will give you a better chance to win this game.
  3. In PUBG, all doors will be closed from the beginning, if one of them are opened, it means that there’s somebody inside the building. The same thing applies to you, don’t forget to close the door behind your back.
  4. If you fall, there will be damage to your health bar. The higher you fall; the more health bar will be lost. Sometime it could cost you your own life, so be careful.
  5. If you got shot from any direction that you could not identify correctly, then don’t change to Craw mode immediately, this is a bad idea. Instead of doing that, try to run zig-zag or drive in high speed to escape and find a safe place to get cover.
  6. Do always make sure the building that you’re about to loot is totally clear. You don’t want to get shot in the back while looting, it could be a trap of someone that was set for you.
  7. When facing multiple enemies, keep going for those who still can attack you and ignore those already down on the field. For those enemies that already down, they won’t be able to get back up, unless someone come and rescues them. Focus on the right one.
  8. Vehicles are a good idea to move in long distance and they could be used as a useful cover. But don’t forget that they also attract enemies with their noise also. Think twice before using them.
  9. Another thing is that vehicles in-game will roll down to hill or slope if you park them carelessly. If they’re rolling in high speed, there’s a chance that they might be exploded if hitting things on their way. If you got crash while inside your vehicle, try to get out as soon as possible to save your life.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds  is one of the greatest Battle Royal game that has so many tips and tricks waiting for you to explore and try out. We have compiled a list of “Pubg-tips-tricks-guide-battlegrounds” right here just for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in to find out! Do also let us know which tip that we might have missed by leaving your comment down below.


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