Dinosaur Game in io version, a popular game with multiplayer mode

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The gameplay of Dinosaur game on dinosaurgame.io is extremly simple. You just need to hit the jump key to help your dinosaur avoid dangerous obstacles along the way. This gameplay can be called an endless-running and fast-paced video game. In this game, the player controls a dinosaur that runs automatically. Obstacles for players are cacti and ducks. The player has to jump to dodge the obstacles and try to survive as long as possible.

When the game starts, the player only faces the cactus. During the game proceeds, the ducks will appear and the game will be harder. Whenever ducks appear, players have two ways to dodge them: jump or stoop. In order to achieve a high score, the player needs to accurately timing the jump, while paying attention to the distance between their dinosaur and incoming obstacles. And when the player has a high score, the pressure will be bigger but this is the interesting point of this game.

Dinosaur Game in io version 1

With multiplayer mode, you will be addicted to the first playing time.

Emotions when playing this game

I still remember the first time when I played Dinosaur game (the offline version), I was very surprised about its gameplay because it is so simple. After trying, I believe that this easy playing gameplay can entertain every gamer, certainty even the hardest gamer. In addition, you can play this game whenever you have free time and at anywhere you like. Once you tried it, you will surely like it and want to introduce it to your buddies. I can say that this gameplay can even attract a children. If you have children, this will be a good game for the whole family to join together, it also is our recommendation. You guys will feel its attraction from the first time trial and even from the first screen. And then, you will keeping playing it again and again because it can cause addicted someway. Finally, I want to seek for more game with simple gameplay like this.

Graphics of the game

The graphic of this game is extremely simple but very cute and very funny. The black and white graphic bring elegant feelings. The game is displayed in a very simple way. You will surprise with its simply UI experiences.

Dinosaur Game in io version 2

Simple graphics with dinosaurs that are so familiar to many gamers


I will surely play this game whenever I have free time. This gameplay can help me get away from stress. Furthermore, I will invite my best friend or people around me playing this game, I believe that they will like it. I beg that for sure. If you are also finding some casual game in order to relax, you should try it and it will never let you down. Check it here: https://dinosaurgame.io/#index

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